Mom I know your listening..."Happy Mother's Day"

Dear Mom,

You are the real MVP of my life.  Their is no part of who I am or what I have that you didn't manifest, motivate or mold into existence.  From the moment I was in your womb you spoke power and prosperity over me.  And although you had your moments of frustration and discouragements, it never caused you to waiver in your ability to see the beauty and power that resided in each one of us.  I have no idea how you did it, but you were an amazing mother.

As I grew up and discovered that every mother was not like mine, I became even more grateful for the gift that God blessed me with.   Every mother wasn't their child's ride or die chick.  Every mother didn't let the world know that " I love the Lord but hurt my child and see what happens, I'll go jail for mine." Not that there are not other great moms,  but they just couldn't compare because they didn't have your level of realness.  You know that perfect amount of elegance and sass.  You let us know that their is nothing in this world that can define who we are but us and I thank you for that.

I received my love of children from you, and today I work in education and care for children all over the world through my emotional education program and public speaking.  My creativity and entrepreneurial spirit came from you too.    I would watch you get up to go to your clients homes with such pride.  You made sure that we understood the power in working for ourselves so much so that when I was six years old and told you that I wanted to run a store like the candy lady and you actually took me to the wholesalers.  We purchased a whole bunch of candy and supplies and set up "my store at our dinning room bar.  Of course my only customers were family because you would never let a stranger in our home, but that didn't matter.  You used that as a teachable moment to teach me all about inventory, marketing, sales and demand.  Well today, I use that creativity and all of  lessons to write and promote my books.  But you already know that.   You know because you were there cheering me on every step of the way.

And now, even though you are no longer physically with me I know that you are ever present.  I was so scared the day you died mom. I honestly couldn't see a way that my life could thrive without you in it.  Mom, I'm not afraid anymore.  I am not afraid because your presence has never truly left me.  You live within every memory, every motivational word that you spoke and every life lesson that you shared.  Every dance that you taught me, and every laugh that we had brings me back to you.  When I don't know what to do a memory of some profound statement that you gave me comes back to mind and helps me to figure it out.  As new wife, I can feel you guiding me.  Even the hard days, like today when I am typing through my tears,  I know you are here, and that you are listening.  You always come to mind at the right moment to calm my nerves or to help bring me piece even if its by reminding me of the power of prayer.

I don't know how you did it but you managed to plant the seed within me for every situation before God took you home, so thank you. Thank you for being my mom and know that although it's hard not seeing your face or hearing your voice I will be alright.  I will continue to walk in the love and favor of the Lord that you prayed over me.  I will continue to reap the benefits of all of the manifestations that you spoke into me and I will continue to be that Boss Chick that you cultivated because this is your legacy.

Love always,

Latoya Marie