• Pushing Past Procrastination Confessions of a reformed procrastinator

    Most people will say that procrastinators are lazy, or that they have bad work ethic but I know the truth.  There are plenty of procrastinators who have big ideas and would love to see those ideas blossom into reality however  something is holding them back.  Yes, there are actual reasons why people procrastinate and they can actually train themselves to stop.  How do I know this?  Because I am my own case study!  I am an avid procrastinator, or at least I was.  Today, I am a work in progress. 
  • Mom I know your listening..."Happy Mother's Day"

    And now, even though you are no longer physically with me I know that you are ever present.  I was so scared the day you died mom. I honestly couldn't see a way that my life could thrive without you in it.  Mom, I'm not afraid anymore.
  • No School Blues

    If you would have asked me what would I have been doing as a school counselor on April 30th of any given year I would have told you "preparing for the end of the school year" This would include teacher appreciations, awards days, parties, moving on ceremonies and the like. This time of year is fun, exciting and even a little sad as we say goodbye to our little ones for the summer. Unfortunately, this is not an ordinary year. This is the year of COVID-19, the year that school was ripped away like an old band aid without any warning.
  • Put me in Coach!

    Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I feel like I've been benched.  Yup I said it, I swear its like I am sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else live their lives.  It's as if God has taken me out of the game of life and has placed me in a holding pattern!
  • #Saved&Salty

    We are officially one week into 2019 so let me start by saying Happy New Year!  If you are anything like most people you spent the first few days of the new year in reflection, looking back on 2018 with new lenses.  You may have contemplated the hand you played in the good, bad and ugly of it all, and if you are a Christian then you might have also asked yourself did, I pray enough?  Did I trust in the Lord to fulfill my needs? Was I obedient to his will? You reflected, chastised yourself, and by now you have created a game plan and ensured yourself that this year will be better!